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Published 04/07 2014 07:49AM

Updated 04/07 2014 07:51AM

In health news, new studies take a look at how marriage keeps you healthy, why kids need cholesterol testing, and new details about unfilled prescriptions. 

A new study finds people who are married have lower rates of heart disease than those who are single, divorced or widowed. 
Researchers say the findings may be linked to reduced stress in a healthy marriage. 
Also, a spouse may be more likely to remind you to go see the doctor and to get some exercise.

A new study of Texas Pediatric Clinics finds that one out of three children between the ages of nine and 11, who were screened for cholesterol levels, had borderline or high readings.
High cholesterol numbers in childhood may increase the risk for atherosclerosis the hardening and narrowing of our blood vessels -  as an adult.
The American Academy of Pediatrics recently recommended that children be screened for cholesterol, but testing is not yet routine.

Close to one third of prescriptions written by doctors go unfilled, according to researchers at McGill University in Canada who looked at the prescription history of more than 15,000 patients.
Researchers found that antibiotic prescriptions were most likely to be filled while prescriptions written for chronic conditions such as heart disease or depression were not.  More expensive drugs were also more likely to go unfilled.

(Martha Shade for CNN's Health Minute) 

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