The Power of Probiotics

Published 11/21 2013 07:48PM

Updated 11/21 2013 10:38PM

SPRINGIFELD, Mo. -- Most of us at some point in our lives probably have been on an antibiotic, but what about probiotics?

From the very moment you are born, you pick up bacteria through the birth canal which helps to create and build your immune system.

Probiotics are bacteria that helps maintain the natural balance of organisms in the intestines.

The most common probiotic bacteria is lactobacillus. We see it in some yogurts and it’s available in a pill form too.
One of the most common uses of probiotics is to help prevent some of the uncomfortable side effects that come with antibiotics like diarrhea, upset stomach, bloating, and cramps.

You may wonder, why on earth would you want to consume anything that has live bacteria in it? 

Well, just like we have good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, we have good bacteria and bad bacteria.

It's all about balance and moderation.

Be sure to talk to your healthcare provider first before taking probiotics.

Concerns before taking probiotics:

  • Underlying health conditions

  • Weakened immune system

  • Can cause imbalance

  • Which leads to fatigue & body aches

Even supplements over the counter can cause more harm than good if you have certain underlying health conditions or if you already have a weakened immune system.

You may cause an imbalance in your body that could lead to fatigue, body aches, or worse.

So, it's always a good idea to talk to your doctor first for what's best for your body.

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