Preventing Pounds During the Holidays

Published 12/24 2013 11:21AM

Updated 12/24 2013 11:22AM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The holidays are a time to celebrate with family, friends and food. Being in a social setting with plenty of snacks, desserts and leftovers make it easy to pack on a few pounds.

Obesity rates are rising and some Americans gain up to almost to 2 pounds per year.

Higher obesity rates mean more health problems, so here what you can do:

Stay active by doing simple exercises like walking or jogging.

Plan ahead or use portion control - one simple idea, try using a smaller plate.

Fill your plate with half vegetables and fruit, the other half can be equal portions of grains and protein.

And avoid those second helpings.

It's okay to have a slice of pumpkin pie, but moderation is the key.

Another simple trick is getting plenty of rest. Our hunger hormones change with the amount of sleep you get.

People who don't get enough sleep tend to overeat.

The good news is, in the fight against obesity, we have control over what we put in our bodies. So if you just remember to focus on a healthy balance and realize the holidays are not a free pass to throw good habits out the door.

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