New Laser Makes Tattoo Removal Faster

By CNN News Wire

Published 09/27 2013 06:17AM

Updated 09/27 2013 06:19AM

An estimated 1 in 5 Americans has a tattoo, but when your body art is no longer part of your lifestyle, getting it removed can become a priority. 

A new laser is now making it quicker and easier to get rid of those outdated tattoos. 

Michelle Rodriguez got her tattoo in her late teens but things have changed since then. "I just decided I don't want it anymore."

Removing a tattoo used to be a long painful process; a new laser is changing that. 

According to Dr. Rutledge Forney, Dermatologist, "After one treatment typically you can see 40% of that tattoo is gone within 6 weeks."

The cost per treatment is much higher. However, Dr. Forney says what used to take 8 to 20 treatments with the old technology can now be done in about 5, and there is less pain. 

"The procedure feels like you're getting tattooed again. It wasn't that bad at all," said Rodriguez.

The new laser breaks the tattoo up into much smaller ink particles than in the past, making it quicker and easier for the body to essentially chew them up and remove them. 

Dr. Forney said, "Certain colors were very difficult with the old technology; particularly challenging were blues and greens."

After 2 treatments with the new tool, Dr. Forney has seen improvements, not only with Rodriquez's blue butterfly, but in the blue character and the lizard that you can see in the video above. 

Rodriguez has to wait at least 6 weeks between treatments and says she'll be glad when her tattoo is gone. "One of the wings had grown a little bit over the years."

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