How to Beat the Flu This Holiday Season

By KOLR10 News

Published 11/26 2013 08:25PM

Updated 11/26 2013 08:27PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Most people say the holidays are a time to be thankful for friends and family and to share memories.  One thing you don’t want to share this holiday season is the flu.

Here are some tips to reduce the spread of the flu during this busy time of year courtesy the Greene County Health Department.
·Wash your hands, often. Soap and water is generally better than alcohol-based hand sanitizer, but sanitizer is effective, too. Try to keep you hands away from your nose, eyes and mouth as much as possible as well.
·Get plenty of sleep. Often we travel long hours to reach our holiday destinations. Don’t neglect your sleep schedule if at all possible. Lack of sleep makes your body less able to fight off disease.
·Drink water. Don’t forget the H2O as you ingest your turkey and mashed potatoes.
·Avoid stress. When you’re stressed, your immune system suffers. Sometimes avoiding stress is easier said than done amid a room full of relatives. Feel free to use this one as a convenient reason to excuse yourself when the conversation turns to politics or religion…
·Avoid sick people, and stay away from others when you’re sick. The flu is highly contagious, so keep in mind that you’re very likely to spread it or catch it if you chose to attend family gatherings while sick. It’s best to stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever (typically defined as 101 degrees or above) is gone, without using fever-reducing medicine. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Call your doctor or health care provider if you have questions about illness.
·Get a flu shot. While getting a shot today will not provide full protection by this weekend (it takes approximately two weeks for your immune system to build antibodies following vaccination), getting a shot is still the best protection against the flu. Not only are your chances of getting the flu reduced, but if you do get the flu your symptoms are likely to be much less severe.
For more information, visit the Greene County Health Department website.


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