How Junk Food Makes Us Lazy

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Published 04/28 2014 07:57AM

Updated 04/28 2014 08:04AM

We all know that junk food can add to our waistlines. But it can also make us lazy.
That's what a study in the journal "Physiology and Behavior" found.

Rats were given two healthy and one loaded sugar and processed foods.  After three months- the second group was not only fatter but less motivated.

Brittany Carpenter is a registered dietitian with Cox Health.  She joins us to talk about this.  Let's start by defining junk food.  What is it?
Ready to eat' foods with added sugars and fats, excessive salt. Very large ingredient list including ones you can't pronounce.    At times even foods marketed as 'healthy' are junk food.

Does junk food make you tired and lazy?
Yes it can!  Added fats, like trans fats or oil from fried foods , are hard for the body to digest. Because of this bloodflow goes straight to the gut for digestion and away from our legs and arms making us not want to move.
Foods with added sugar digest very quickly and spike our blood sugar then quickly drop leaving us ready to take a nap.))

How does all of this affect our weight?
Eating this junk food makes you feel tired, because of this we don't want to move or cook. So we reach for more junk food again making us feel tired. It's a vicious cycle. Generally over time we become less active which causes weight gain. Also all of the extra fat and sugar being consumed certainly contributes to this weight gain as well.))

So what should we eat?
Foods as fresh and as close to their natural state as possible. Ex: potatoes vs potato chips.
A general rule for the grocery store is to choose foods with 5 or less ingredients, or at least be able to pronounce all ingredients listed.
Generally fruits, vegetables, fresh meats and fish, intact grains, and lots of water. These foods nourish our bodies and provide us with everything we need to feel energized!

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