Fall, Winter Season May Cause Depression

Published 01/09 2014 07:26PM

Updated 01/09 2014 11:49PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- If you already suffer from depression or bipolar disorder sometimes it can worsen when the sun is not shining as much.

Did you know the climate and where you live can have an impact on how you feel?

Diminished light in the winter can result in what's known as seasonal affective disorder or SAD which is most commonly associated with depression in the late fall or the winter. Most people start feeling better in the spring.

People who get SAD may be genetically prone to the issue, but diet, stress, gender and age are also being considered as factors.

For now, we tend to see a higher rate of SAD in those who already have an underlying mental illness such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, or ADD.

Now if you think might be suffering from seasonal affective disorder, you need to seek treatment.

Treatment options include light therapy, medication, counseling and a close follow up to monitor long term progress.

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