Deadline to Sign Up for Healthcare One Week Away

By Brett Martin |

Published 03/24 2014 05:31AM

Updated 03/24 2014 06:11AM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- With only one week left until the March 31st deadline to sign up for insurance, health care consultants are working to make sure you sign up in the Ozarks. 

KOLR10's Brett Martin spoke with one to find out what you need to know to avoid a hefty penalty. 

Mary Moore, a health coverage guide with Small Business Majority, says the one thing to remember is next Monday's deadline is the last chance to sign up for 2014.

Other health care guides in Springfield are warning people that wait until the last few days, the more problems the website,, could have when signing up.

After March 31st, those who have not signed up for health care will suffer a penalty on their 2015 tax return.

The fine is either $95 or 1% of your gross income. 

Moore says the higher value is what you will pay.

"Most people think that $95 is what they are going to have to pay, but if you make enough money it could be quite significant of a payment that you’ll end up having to pay on your taxes next year. Its an individual mandate so its per person and that also includes dependents."

After the deadline next Monday, unless you fall into a list of exceptions, you will not be able to enroll again until November 15.

Moore says people right here in the Ozarks are very familiar with the website and can help if you run into any problems. However, they can not tell you what insurance to choose when making your decision.

She says the "the marketplace is set up on a medal tier plan so you have bronze, silver and gold."

The bronze plans normally have a lower monthly premium but they'll have a higher deductible, Several plans that are offered require you to meet your deductible before there's no charge to go see your primary physician.

"As we go up the medal tier you’ll see the premiums go up, you’ll see the deductibles and the out of pockets go down." 

If you still need help finding the right insurance for you, click on the links attached to find the closest clinic to you. 

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