Gummy Bear Bratwurst

Published 07/18 2014 04:44PM

Updated 07/18 2014 04:48PM

Item: Spencer Grundhofer, owner of Grundhofer’s Old-Fashioned Meats in Minnesota, came up with the idea of gummy bear bratwurst initially as a joke—but demand for the crazy combination grew as locals discovered the candy-laden abomination was actually pretty tasty. He hand-makes traditional bratwurst and stuffs them with the sugary forest monsters so that after you cook them you get the perfect combination of seared and gooey/savory and sweet.

Why it Matters: As a culture we’re always looking for new food and beverage experiences—it may be the safest step into adventure we ever take. Adventurous eating is booming, with everything from fusion cuisine, to familiar flavors in new forms, and on to the creation of new foods altogether. The idea is to offer diners a new experience to talk about. The experiments are usually affordable (in small bites, if you will), and there is little mortal danger to experimenting with food—making it accessible and familiar enough for everyone.

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