Green Juice Trend Now In Popsicle Form

Published 07/13 2014 03:21PM

Updated 07/13 2014 03:24PM

Innocent Ice Pops
Item: People have become increasingly willing to pay to enjoy kale, beets, and lemon juice in a variety of forms—Innocent Ice Pops takes that to a new place and freezes “green juice” into popsicles made from just fruits and vegetables. Vegan, gluten-free, fat-free, and kosher, the popsicles come in three flavors: Tropicarrot, Kale Daddy, and Sweet Beets.

Why it Matters: The fad of cold pressed juices is moving quickly from the shelves of high end grocery stores and into farmers markets and even less than healthy options like the popsicle. This just goes to show you that if there’s a way to take something healthy and make it feel less like pure health food, we’ll find it. The other side of this, if you can get someone to eat a healthy popsicle then you’re not only making sure they get important nutrients, but you get the peace of mind that they’re making better decisions.

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