Going East? Weather Delays Hundreds of Flights

By CNN News Wire

Published 11/27 2013 04:46AM

Updated 11/27 2013 06:27AM

ATLANTA  --  As people try to skip town for Thanksgiving, the storms that swept from the west coast to the south are moving up the east coast.

The nor'easter is expected to create some pretty severe delays on one of the biggest travel days of the year, and those delays might not be limited to the northeast.  More than 1,000 flights have already been delayed or canceled.  Travelers are being told to check often with their airline.

Icy roads in Pennsylvania are one sign that the weather is messy out there, and it could get a whole lot worse.

Wind gusts, ice, snow, and rain can slow drivers any day, but on one of the biggest travel days of the year, this nor'easter's biggest impact may be in the air.
CNN Meteorologist Chad Myers says the winds are impacting air schedules.  "When the winds blow in New York City at 40 and the winds blow in Boston to 60: hour to two delay in probably DC, two to three hour delays in New York City, and maybe more than that, maybe four hours in Boston, because the planes are going to have to be so far apart when you get winds like that."

Seeing the rain on the tarmac is dreary enough...But seeing weather maps like one from Tuesday night is also discouraging for travelers.
"Just looking at that weather, the big green, pink slop coming our direction... Time to get out of the way."
"Just want a smooth flight with no delays."
"We've got a sweet turkey waiting for us."
"Just want to take off and land on time. That's what I want."

Air traffic controllers in Atlanta know flight delays in the northeast will likely cause a ripple-effect in other parts of the country. ...and passengers stranded by canceled flights could be stuck for even longer, since so many flights are full the day before Thanksgiving.

(Andrew Spencer, CNN)

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