Gearing Up For Municipal Election 2017

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- With only one day left before the municipal election It seems like everyone is gearing up to cast their vote. As for why so many seem interested in voting this year, we turned to Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller.

"When you see more issues and more candidates races that people are looking at, more activity in those campaigns, you definitely see more people turn out as a result," he says.

While the average turn out for municipal elections is about 12 percent, hot button issues like 2015's sexual orientation ordinance can sometimes draw a crowd.

"We were pleased in '15 to see almost a 20 percent turn out," he says.

And the same can be said for high profile mayoral races like this year’s.

"In city boundaries we'll probably see a 20 to 25 percent turn out," he says.

And with that kind of crowd expected, there's some planning needed.

Major polling places like the Springfield Greene County Library will spend Election-eve prepping.

“We watch the traffic flow and make sure the facility is well stocked and that everything is ready for a really busy day," says Library Center Branch manager Leslie East.

And while polling sites ready their staff, Schoeller will be prepping his stuff.

"Making sure we have equipment that's ready," Schoeller says.

So with everyone else ready to go, all that's left to do is show up and vote.

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