Customers Save Big Money on Gas at Local Grocery Stores

Published 04/09 2014 08:21PM

Updated 04/09 2014 10:11PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Gas prices are on the rise.

According to, the average price in Missouri is $3.45 per gallon.

That's up from one month ago.

But there are some ways to save locally, even when prices climb toward the summer highs.

The sign for gas reads $3.47 per gallon, but James Perkins paid 82 cents per gallon at the Springfield HyVee gas station.

He saved more than two dollars per gallon of gas using Fuel Saver points from HyVee.

"We've actually done a whole month's grocery shopping here and got it for a penny a gallon," he said.

To sign up, you register for a card inside the store.

"It's a free program, doesn't cost you a thing to sign up," Manager Gail Narber said.

And then look for the Fuel Saver logo when you're shopping.

"We've got over 2000 items in the store that have Fuel Saver on them," Narber said.

The amount for all your items is added up at the register and stored on your card.

Then when you pay for gas, just swipe the same card and the per gallon price on the pump goes down.

Narber said the Springfield store has the most successful Fuel Saver program in the eight state region.

"We get stuff posted on our Facebook page all the time, like 'thank you HyVee, I spent 39 cents a gallon on gas today,'" he said.

There is a limit on the number of gallons you can buy at the reduced price.

So customers like Perkins also use similar programs across the city.

The HyVee Fuel Saver points can also be redeemed at Casey's gas stations and some Shell stations.

Dillon's has a very similar free program, but you have to fill up at that store's gas station.

Sam's Club often has a lower price on gas at its station, but you have to pay for a store membership.

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