Fresh Eyes Look Over Case of Springfield's Missing Women

(Springfield, MO) -- Springfield police say they're getting national help trying to solve the three missing women case.

They've taken the case before a panel of investigative experts, in hopes of shedding new light on the mystery.

Stacy McCall, Suzie Streeter, and Streeter's mother Sherrill Levitt, all disappeared from Levitt's home on June 7, 1992. Despite intense investigation, public scrutiny and media coverage, the case remain unsolved to this day.

A picture of the three missing women hangs in the room dedicated to solving the mystery.

"I think I can speak for the investigators 20 years ago, and many of them I knew before they retired that this case haunts them," says Lt. David Millsap. He heads up criminal investigations for Springfild Police.

Tuesday, Springfield Police announced they have returned from a 3-day review of the case in Alexandria, Virginia with forensic experts and criminal investigators from several major police departments. 

"This was everybody from current to retired homicide detectives," says Lt. Millsap.

The SPD's 25,000-document case file was reviewed by members of the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit, Naval Criminal Investigations Section, former homicide detectives from Washington, D.C., Arlington, Virginia, St. Louis, and the FBI Crime Lab, among others.

Local police were looking for help in determining how to follow up on the case in the future, to solve the disappearances.

Lt. Millsap was among the Springfield investigators who made the trip and presented the case. He says so much information was flooding the public in the day following the disappearances, that some misinformation got out.

"I can't go anywhere in southwest Missouri where somebody doesn't come up and go, 'What do you know? What do you think about the case?'"

The faces and names of the missing women still capture the attention of this area.

"My gut feeling is I'm pretty sure they're not alive, but I have this little corner in my heart that says Stacy's still alive and I'm going to get her back," says Stacy's mother, Janis McCall, who spoke with KOLR/KOZL last year when the case was featured on national television.

McCall didn't want to go on camera this time. She did, however, say that she's hoped and prayed for a review like this.

This isn't the first time Springfield's used outside help. Lt. Millsap says other investigators and members of the FBI have taken a look at the case over the years. Police think someone is still out there with information that could help solve this case.

If you know anything about the disappearances of Stacy McCall, Suzie Streeter and Sherrill Levitt, please call Springfield Police at 864-1810 or 869-TIPS. 

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