Fordland Tower Collapse Disables Weather Radio Alert Transmissions Indefinitely

National Weather Service Urges Individuals to Rescan Weather Radios

SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- The National Weather Service has confirmed that weather radios tuned into the Fordland transmitter are out of service indefinitely, following the tower collapse.

The Fordland tower serves radios in Barry, Christian, Dade, Dallas, Douglas, Greene, Laclede, Lawrence, Polk, Stone, Taney, Webster, and Wright counties.

The NWS has transmitters located around the state, and individuals may be able to tune into another frequency depending on location, altitude, and geography.

"If you have been listening to the NOAA Weather Radio Fordland station, you will want to search around for the surrounding radio transmitter sites until we can get Fordland back up and running," said Jeff Raberding with the Springfield National Weather Service.

"At this time, we don't know when that will be."

Retuning your weather radio should be the 1st plan of attack for severe weather notifications. Those frequencies are as follows:

Barry.........WXJ-61 in Avilla (162.425) -OR- WNG-608 in Cassville (162.500)
Christian.....KZZ-43 in Branson (162.550)
Dade..........WXJ-61 in Avilla (162.425)
Dallas........WXJ-90 in Osage Beach (162.550) -OR- WXM-81 in Hermitage (162.450)
Douglas.......KZZ-82 in Gainesville (162.425) -OR- KXI-38 in West Plains (162.525) -OR- WWF-76 in Summersville (162.475)

Greene........No alternative Transmitter

Laclede.......WXJ-90 in Osage Beach (162.550) -OR- WNG648 in Crocker (162.500)
Lawrence......WXJ61 in Avilla (162.425) -OR- WNG608 in Cassville (162.500)
Polk..........KZZ30 in El Dorado Springs (162.475) -OR- WXM81 in Hermitage (162.450)
Stone.........WXJ61 in Avilla (162.425) -OR- KZZ43 in Branson (162.550)
Taney.........KZZ43 in Branson (162.550) -OR- KZZ82 in Gainesville (162.425)

Webster.......No alternative transmitter
Wright........No alternative transmitter

The National Weather Service states that tornado warnings will continue to be issued through cell phones, per your location. However, this service will not send warnings such as severe thunderstorms.

If you are in a county with no active transmitter, choose a county nearby.

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