Fordland Schools on Lockdown as Police Search the Area

FORDLAND, Mo. -- Webster County Sheriff's deputies responded to Fordland high school after receiving reports of a man with a weapon.

Webster County Sheriff Roye Cole says someone called in reporting a possible drunk driver.  Cole says that they are not completely sure if who they are looking for is armed, but they are treating the situation as if that person is. Once on scene, officers found a truck had been wrecked and the driver was no where around.
Cole says that truck was stolen and there were broken padlocks in the bed, which leads him to believe the occupant was breaking into storage units.

"We were originially told that he went into the school, we reveiwed cameras and that's not the case, but you see the large presence of officers, we had a good showing. We thought there was a bigger threat there, but we had a good response from everybody there," Cole says. 
The school went on lockdown because it was unclear if the truck's driver had entered the building.

Superintendent Chris Ford said that about 250 summer school students are at the school and are safe. Deputy Cole says the school will stay on lockdown until further notice, and deputies are searching for that driver. Cole says its unclear if it's just one person or more involved.

Cole says deputies were called to Iron Mountain Road around 8:30 a.m. where they found a wrecked truck that had been stolen. There was no driver in sight.

The schools went on lockdown because investigators were unsure if the driver had gotten onto the property. Turns out, he never entered the school.

A foot search began for the man who Cole says went on to steal a second vehicle in Seymour. 

That vehicle was recovered in Mansfield.  The school was off lockdown just after noon.

The man is still on the run.

Tuesday is the first day of summer school at Fordland. 

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