Food Stamp Benefits Cut Starting Apr. 1

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- Missouri State Representative, Stacey Newman, says she's worried about Friday's cuts to those receiving food stamp benefits.

"Just because, we don't like poor people, we're going to say no... you can't. We had to make it harder for you to access these federal programs? Again, there is no compassion there," said Newman. 

But state representative David Sater says there were no ill intentions with the cuts.

"We filed this legislation to make sure, that people were going back to work to recieve food stamps. And we waited to see what the federal government was going to do. Well the federal government decided to discontinue that waiver program," he said.

A recent law did away with a federal waiver... meaning able bodied people with no dependents will now have to work or participate in training for at least 80-hours a month.

But Ozarks Food Harvest SNAP Coordinator Jordan Browning says the cuts don't just hurt those losing their food stamps.

"So it's not just affecting people who really need it, who are, having trouble with hunger. It's going to affect those same grocery stores who receive those EBT benefits. In April alone, once those cuts go into place, that's six million dollars lost in spending in Missouri alone, just in one month," said Browning.

And with the hungry frequenting less grocery stores, Browning says food banks will be in high demand.

"We're covering that gap that will be left over from that federal funding going away," he said.

But even the food banks will be at a loss after their demand increases.

"So that's going to mean we are going to need more monetary and more food donations in order to cover that gap that the federal government is no longer providing. So that's going to have to be provided by charity, " he said. 

To make a donation to or volunteer with the Ozarks Food Harvest you can visit their website,

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