Flash Flood Warnings Linger in Ozarks Through Saturday Morning

Published 05/31 2013 09:50PM

Updated 05/31 2013 10:05PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- After a round of heavy rainfall in the Ozarks, Flash Flood Warnings are in effect for several counties.

Until 4 a.m. Greene, Jasper, northern Lawrence, southern Barton, southern Dade, southern Dallas, and southern Polk counties.
Until 2 a.m. Camden, eastern Cedar, Hickory, Maries, Miller, northern Dade, northern Dallas, northern Pulaski, northwestern Laclede, Polk, southeastern Barton, and southern St. Claire counties.
Until 1 a.m. Barton, northwestern Cedar, and southern Vernon counties.
Until midnight Benton, northwestern Hickory, Morgan, northwestern Camden, and northwestern Miller counties.

Rainfall in excess of 3 inches are expected over the warned area as thunderstorms train for the next few hours. Runoff from this excessive rainfall will cause flash flooding to occur.

Streams and low water crossings will be especially susceptible to the dangers of flash flooding.

This warning includes but is not limited to the following low water crossings:

  • Route H just north of Pleasant Hope
  • North Main and Murphy Boulevard in Joplin
  • Route CC west of Fair Grove at the Pomme de Terre River
  • Highway 97 at the Spring River north of Stotts City
  • Highway 37 at the Spring River southwest of Avilla
  • Highway 215 just east of Pleasant Hope
  • Highway 7 at Little Cherry Creek north of Columbus
  • Route W at Turkey Creek just west of Eudora
  • Scenic Avenue in southwest Springfield
  • Route JJ at the Center Creek southwest of Carl Junction
  • Route HH in Tuscumbia
  • Route C north of Buffalo at Greasy Creek
  • Route AA at the Pomme de Terre east of Bolivar
  • Route N at the Maries River east of Brinktown
  • Route V at the Weaubleau Creek east of Flemington
  • Route P, two miles south of Highway 64
  • Route H, three miles northwest of Stoutland
  • Route HH, one mile east of Urbana
  • Route M at Bear Creek east of Stockton
  • Route V at Deer Creek near Hastain
  • Route DD at Knobby Creek, six miles northeast of Edwards
  • Route BB at Gabriel Creek near Florence
  • Route WW at Archer Creek northeast of Lakeview Heights
  • Route O near Laurie
  • Route K at Dry Wood Creek east of Arcadia
  • Highway 126 at the Spring River, three miles north of Jasper
  • Route C at the Horse Creek east of Milford
  • Route M south of Highway 160
  • Route K at Cedar Creek southwest of Caplinger Mills


Floods are one of the most common hazards in the United States. Nearly half of all flood fatalities are vehicle-related according to the National Weather Service.

Be sure to learn the dangers of driving into flooded roadways because drivers often underestimate the power of floodwater. Roads weaken under floodwater and drivers should proceed cautiously after waters have receded, since the road may collapse under the weight of the vehicle.

Six inches of water will reach the bottom of most passenger cars causing loss of control and possible stalling.

Twelve inches of water will float many vehicles. Two feet of rushing water will carry away most vehicles including pick-up trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUV).

Water across a road may hide a missing segment of roadbed or a missing bridge.

Because disaster can strike at any time, emergency officials encourage everyone to have a disaster supply kit in their home and vehicle.

When there's water on the road: Turn Around, Don't Drown. Saving your life is as simple as choosing an alternate route. If you are driving and your vehicle stalls in flood water, the best advice is to get out quickly and move to higher ground.

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