Fishing Report for Labor Day Weekend with Eric Prey

KOLR10's Jesse Inman hit Lake Taneycomo with local fishing legend Eric Prey of Focused Fishing Guide Service. Prey says that going to Taneycomo for the weekend is the smart move for a variety of reasons.

"With this weekend coming up, there is not going to be nearly the amount of boat traffic down here. They will stock this lake with a lot of trout because they want people to catch fish and have fun. It also helps the tourism industry here in Branson," Prey explains.

For this outing, Eric uses a couple of floats on his 20 pound monofilament line. He uses a large float for weight on his casts, and a smaller float to indicate when he has a bite. The two floats are about 6 inches apart from each other. On the end of his line, about 4 feet apart from the floats, is a small pink worm attached to a 1/100th oz. jig head. Prey says there are a few good colors to use, but he says pink is best.

Eric says the hardest part of working this rig is getting the cast down. It isn't your normal rig, and it has quite a bit of length to it.

"The easiest way is bringing it back over your head, and release is when you bring it forward. It is similar to casting a fly rod, but not nearly as difficult as casting a fly rod," Prey says.

If you think you need a boat to go trout fishing at Taneycomo, think again.

"You don't necessarily need a boat for this. While it does help you navigate up and down the water to follow where the trout are moving, dock fishing is just as good for this," Prey says. "There are plenty of docks you can cast off of by Scotty's Trout Dock, down in front of the landing, also right by the park past the landing there are a few docks."

So, if you are looking to catch a lot of fish with a little bit of traffic, Lake Taneycomo seems to be the place to go this weekend. 

For more information on Focused Fishing Guide Service, call (417) 860-4743, or visit the Facebook page.


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