Daring Fire Rescue Video Drives Home Need for Escape Plan

Published 03/26 2014 09:10PM

Updated 03/27 2014 05:28AM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Images of a dramatic rescue, involving a construction worker and a burning building in Houston, are sweeping the country.

Several people captured the action on cell phone cameras.

Video like this can have practical teaching applications for both firefighters and the public.

From across the street, this cell phone video shows a construction worker trapped on a balcony.

The building he was working on became engulfed in flames.

Eventually fire fighters were able to rescue the man and their work could be a good training tool here in Springfield.

"Oh it was an amazing rescue, the guys did a fantastic job," Asst. Fire Chief Andy Woody said.

Woody met KOLR-10 at Fire Station 3 where fire fighters talked through the video from their perspective.

"You could really see him encountering a lot of heat. He first goes down to his knees and then almost to his belly and then finally he can't take it anymore so he finally goes down to a lower balcony," Woody described.

He said the Houston fire fighters positioned the truck perfectly because the ladder couldn't reach any further.

"You know it's something that you do train for that I'm sure the firefighters in Houston had trained for and used rarely if ever but it's positioning that ladder to get the most reach out of it," he said.

He said there are lessons we can all learn from this story.

Like having a plan in place, just in case of a fire.

"You want to make sure you know a couple of ways out of your home and know where you're going to go," Woody said.

And if you have a ledge like this man did, get outside.

"The main thing would be to get out of the house get onto that balcony," he said.

And wait for the fire fighters, like this man did who is lucky he got out just in time.

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