The Kitchen's $175,000 Shortfall May Lead to Layoffs

(Springfield, MO) -- With holiday donations winding down, at least one Springfield agency is still experiencing a serious need.

The Kitchen is about $175,000 short of breaking even for the year. Its food pantry serves about 150 families a day while its medical clinic will finish the year with about 9,000 patient visits.
The Missouri Hotel also still has a waiting list of about 200 people seeking shelter.
Kitchen leaders say donations always drop off sharply in January.  Those who rely on The Kitchen's services say they appreciate the help.

"If I didn't have help it, would have been the worst," says Nyssa Cunningham. "I can barely put food on the table right now i have very little income. It's hard."

The Kitchen CEO, Rorie Orgeron, says if they can't make up the $175,000 shortfall, some employees may be let go and there could be cuts to programs offered by the agency.

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