Taxes Delayed Due to Government Shutdown

Published 01/10 2014 06:49PM

Updated 02/18 2014 02:27PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- There's a delay in filing federal income taxes this year and it's all because of that government shutdown back in fall.

The first day you can file your federal income taxes has been pushed back from January 21 to January 31 this year.

“We had thought we'd be able to file earlier this year it's delayed,” says Becky Harmon, KPM Accounting manager.

Harmon says this isn't the first time congress has caused a delay in tax season.

“We're actually only a day behind where we were last year,” says Harmon. “But that's because last year there were all sorts of congress tax changes that had to be implemented.”

This year the delay is due to the government shutdown.

“Back in the fall whenever they were shut down was the time when they're most active with coding of their software and their testing of their software,” says Harmon. “So it's kind of delayed them to make sure everything is working.”

For those concerned about getting a quick return, the IRS has a recommendation.

The fastest way to get your return is e-filing even though there's a delay that's still the fastest way to get your money back.

“They're saying don't send your paper returns thinking it's going to get processed faster they still recommend e filing whenever possible,” says Harmon.

Harmon says most people wait to file until after January anyway, but she recommends not waiting too late.
The closer to April 15th you file, the more of a chance you have to get a delayed return.

There are some tax prep companies that will process your forms and will send them in for you on the January 31. Just contact your specific company to see how it is handling the delay.

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