Noel, MO Post Office Seeing Fewer Holiday Stamp Requests

(Noel, MO) -- Christmas cards from around the world are once again making a detour for a small southwest Missouri post office. 

People are hoping to get the "Noel, Missouri" stamp on their Christmas Cards, a tradition that began in the 1930's. Since then, millions of cards have gotten the stamp worldwide.

Post office volunteer Jann Abercrombie has been hard at work stamping them. So far this year, more than 45,000 cards have come in. 

"Yes, I can believe it," she says. "My hands wear out when I got home."

The number is actually down about 20 percent this year. Rush Musser, the officer in charge, says there is a reason for decrease.

"A lot of the younger generation don't take the time to write personal letters."

Some of the letters have come from as far away as Germany and France. The post office has a map with push pins of where the letters have come from so far this year.

Abercrombie says she's been volunteering for the past eight years, and there's actually a waiting list to get to be a stamper.

"You gotta know somebody that knows somebody," she jokes. "YOu have to brown nose a little bit."

And when you stamp thousand of letters, you'll see some interesting handwriting.

"Men are notoriously bad in penmanship. Why is that? They have more important things to learn in school."

Noel, Missouri is known as the 'Christmas City,' and Abercrombie has to answer a lot of questions from the kids.

"The little one, they want to know whether Christmas City means Santa Claus is here all the time. Is this where he lives? Oh certainly, he lives in that little house on the corner."

Some of the other 'Christmas Cities' include Rudolph, Texas, Santa, Idaho and Mistletoe, Kentucky.

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