MarketWatch - Monday, July 28, 2014

By CBS News

Published 07/28 2014 06:13AM

Updated 07/28 2014 06:16AM

If you're keeping on top of the markets this morning,  Monday, July 28,  2014....

The Nikkei is up 71 points today in Japan.
The Dow lost 123 points in trading Friday.
The Nasdaq was down 22.

The newest member of the Apple family is being sued.
Beats Electronics is accused of copyright infringement by Bose, which alleges Beats infringed on five of its patents for noise cancelling headphones.
Apple paid $3 billion to buy Beats from its founder, Dr. Dre.

When it comes to investing - millennials  prefer cash to stocks.
A survey from reveals those of Generation Y are choosing safe bets like savings accounts and CDs.
Analysts say the figures are troubling because millennials  are at an age where they should be taking risks now.
The good news, research shows many of us are investing in a 401k earlier than our parents did.

Last week, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made $1.6 billion in one week
Earnings in second quarter sales jumped 61 percent.
The 30 year old, whose wealth is reported to be around 33.3 billion dollars, is ranked 16th on Bloomberg's billionaires index - he is right in front of Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who are at numbers 17 and 18.

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