MarketWatch for Friday, June 13, 2014

Published 06/13 2014 07:25AM

Updated 06/13 2014 07:27AM

If you're keeping on top of the markets today, Friday, June 13, 2014...

The Nikkei is up 124 points today in Tokyo.
The Dow fell 110 points Thursday.
And the Nasdaq lost 34.

Later today we'll get numbers on the producer price index.
It measures the  changes in prices of more than 70 percent of the service sector's output.

More American's filed for unemployment benefits last week.
Weekly applications rose 4-thousand- according to the Labor Department.

Ford announced it's lowering the fuel economy ratings on some of its cars.
The new ratings affect 2013 and 2014 Hybrids and plug-in Hybrids, as well as most 2014 Fiestas.
Ford says it identified an error through internal testing and notified the Environmental Protection Agency.
The automaker will compensate about 200,000 buyers - with payments between  about 100 and 1000 dollars.

An advertising dispute is getting juicy.
The Supreme Court ruled to allow juice maker Pom Wonderful, to go forward with a lawsuit against Coca-Cola.
Pom alleges the label on "pomegranate blueberry" beverage, offered by Coke's Minute Made unit, is misleading. Pom says 99% of the drink consist of apple and grape juice.

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