Gas Prices Dropping - Except in Midwest

By CBS News

Published 08/13 2014 07:20AM

Updated 08/13 2014 07:22AM

It's one of the busiest travel times of the year and gas prices are steadily dropping.   It's not something we typically see during these summer months.

Delivering pizza isn't cheap, especially with high California gas prices.

"Me and my brother because it's a family oriented business we spend about, between the both of us, just on the business alone about $150 a week," says Pouyan Bedrood, owner of a California pizza business.

But Bedrood and his brother have been getting some surprise relief at the pump.   Analysts say gas prices in California dipped fourteen cents in the last month.
"We're saving I would say roughly about 10-12%," says Penrood.  "Every cent that we can save, can go on to something else to making this business grow."

Prices are falling across the country.  Nationwide, the average price for gas dropped six cents over the last two weeks. 

"Gas prices have been acting very unusually with the national average falling almost every day for 6 weeks, which is usually the opposite of what we see this time of year," notes  Michael Green, spokesman for Triple A.

Triple A says gas is the cheapest it's been in 4 years but it's unclear how much longer much longer it will last.

"We have the events taken place in the Middle East, and we have the wildcard of hurricane season approaching," Green says. "And anytime you have a hurricane that could hit the Gulf coast that could send gas prices has high as 15 to 20 cents per gallon"

Only the Midwest is seeing a hike in prices because of problems at oil refineries according to triple a.   But overall, drivers and business owners like Bedrood aren't complaining about this unusual summer trend.

The Lundberg Survey says the price for a regular gallon of gas has dropped 19 cents during the last seven weeks.

(Danielle Nottingham, CBS News)

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