Fidget Spinners Could Help, Hurt in Classrooms

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The latest toy craze is being marketed as a way to help keep kids focused in the classroom.

This is a "fidget spinner." 

It's simple enough: a pinwheel-like gadget held between two fingers that spins on a bearing.

Some stores are selling out in a day at $20 a pop.

Parents like them because they actually help students stay focused. If they can move their hands it might burn off excess energy.

Some schools say the spinners are becoming too much of a distraction.

"Holding and spinning them is oddly satisfying and it's really fun," one student said.

This store in California has begun ordering the spinners by the thousands.

The fad may fade just as fast as it came about.

"Why don't these fads last very long?" someone asked.

"Because rich kids find new things to buy," a student said.

Educators say it might help ADHD students because it relieves tension.

However, they say it won't solve the problem that's creating the tension.


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