Ferguson Community Leaders Lead Calls for Peace

By CBS News

Published 08/19 2014 10:51AM

Updated 08/19 2014 10:56AM

FERGUSON, Mo. -- As another night fell on Ferguson Monday, nearly 100 ministers marched with the hope of leading a path to peace.

"Our goal is to speak some calmness to take some of the heat out of this situation and to encourage people to wait while the wheels of justice move," explains Bishop Edwin Bass of The Empowered Church.

Tempers here ignited more than a week ago with the fatal shooting of 18-year-old michael brown.

But a vast majority of protesters are trying to take a different approach.

"United we stand! Divided we fall," they chanted.

Monday night, one woman armed demonstrators with roses to honor Brown.

"Something to lighten up you know make everybody smile out here, don't be so mad and angry."

And with Ferguson perched on a national stage, rapper and St. Louis native, Nelly, urged the crowd to stand up but not feed into stereotypes.
"To show them who they THINK we are…that's working backwards!" he said.

The call for calm can be heard from the streets, to the airwaves.

"All we want is peace in our streets STL Hot 104.1" DJ Jowcol Dolby is known as "Boogie D" to this St. Louis radio station's 450,000 listeners.
"We're not immune to what's happening down in Ferguson. We live here," Dolby says.

In between the latest hits the station opens phone lines to callers.

"We are not deterred. We are not broken. And we are Mike Brown!" a caller says.

It also airs public service announcements trying to minimize the violence, which Boogie D blames on a small minority.
"Now I just think it's some really bad individuals taking advantage of an unfortunate situation," says Dolby.  "And to me they're kind of hijacking the message of what those good protests have been doing for the last week or so."

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder travels to Ferguson Wednesday to oversee the separate federal investigation into the shooting.

(Mark Strassman, CBS News)

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