Farmers' Almanac Dubs Upcoming Winter Season "Days of Shivery"

By KOLR10 News

Published 08/25 2013 05:08PM

Updated 08/27 2013 12:30PM

Farmers' Almanac
KOLR10 News -- And so begins the winter weather predictions.  At least with the Farmers’ Almanac that is.

The Farmers’ Almanac posted its winter weather predictions for 2014 on its website Sunday and it looks like a cold, bitter season ahead.

Dubbed the “Days of Shivery,” the Farmers’ Almanac calls for a winter with below average temperatures for about two-thirds of the nation.

Here is what the Farmers’ Almanac says:

“For 2013–2014, we are forecasting a winter that will experience below average temperatures for about two-thirds of the nation. A large area of below-normal temperatures will predominate from roughly east of the Continental Divide to the Appalachians, north and east through New England. Coldest temperatures will be over the Northern Plains on east into the Great Lakes. Only for the Far West and the Southeast will there be a semblance of winter temperatures averaging close to normal, but only a few areas will enjoy many days where temperatures will average above normal.”

Looking at precipitation, the Southern Plains, Midwest and Southeast are predicted to see above-normal conditions with the rest of the nation averaging normal levels.

The Farmers’ Almanac forecasts that, with below-normal temperatures and above-normal precipitation, the Midwest will see our favorite winter staple. Snow. And lots of it.

Here is what they predict:

“Significant snowfalls are forecast for parts of every zone. Over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, we are “red-flagging” the first ten days of February for possible heavy winter weather. More importantly, on February 2, Super Bowl XLVIII will be played at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey’s Meadowlands—the very first time a Super Bowl will be played outdoors in a typically cold weather environment. We are forecasting stormy weather for this, the biggest of sporting venues. But even if we are off by a day or two with the timing of copious wind, rain, and snow, we wish to stress that this particular part of the winter season will be particularly volatile and especially turbulent.”

The season draws to an end with mid-March potentially bringing a wave of storminess stretching almost nationwide, bringing a wide variety of precipitation types as well as strong and gusty winds.

Now, with the winter season inevitable and drawing closer by the day, all we can do is wait and see if the predictions are a hit or miss.

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