Family Donates Prize to Tornado Victims in Oklahoma

BERRYVILLE, Ark. -- When Padgett family of Berryville entered a contest for new furniture, the hope was to win. But after learning they did just that, the thought of keeping $5,000 dollars in furniture quickly changed.


Daniel Padgett, who won the furniture makeover, said "It just seems like it was really selfish on our part because we had a functioning living room when others didn't have anything at all. We wanted something new, we didn't need something new."


The others the family is talking about are victims of an EF-5 tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma just last month.

That is why the family decided to donate their prize to the victims.


Susan Brashears, the owner of Brashears Furniture, said "The fact that they were willing to give away their furniture to help someone else, we wanted to help them as well."

In turn, the furniture store still gave the family a new sofa and plans to send their prize to others in need.


A win, win for all while the Padgett family hopes to send a message to others.

Padgett said, "When you see people who have absolutely nothing, then maybe you should look at that and see what you really have."

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