Family Dog Rescued From Culvert

TANEY COUNTY, Mo. -- Central Taney County firefighters made a dramatic rescue on Wednesday -- of the four-legged kind.

It happened just off of H-Highway and Hodge Hollow. Crews spent two hours rescuing a family dog from a culvert.

Family members said it's not unusual for their beloved 12-year-old Lab mix named Jack to stay out for a day on one of his excursions. However, when one day turned into ten days, they began to panic.

On Wednesday afternoon, when Jack's human grandpa went to take out the trash, he heard a whimpering bark from underneath the ground. Nicholas Ward, Jack's human brother, shared what happened next.

"He went to check it out...and got a flashlight and looked under there, and realized it was Jack."

The family immediately called the fire department. Jeff Romines, of Central Taney County Fire, described how they rescued Jack.

"We measured about how far he was in there. Dug a hole in the driveway up past where he was. Then once we got down to the metal pipe, we used one of our smaller cut off saws and cut holes in..cut some lines in the pipe, then pried the hole open...or made the hole in the pipe with a set of  jaws of life."

No one knows if Jack had been in the culvert for the entire ten days. Family members speculate he may have been chasing another animal when he got stuck. Other than a little dehydration, stiff back legs and rattled nerves, Jack is expected to be okay.   





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