Families Seek Justice on Anniversary of Porter Murder Case

(Willard, MO) -- Tuesday marks one year since Russell and Rebecca Porter went missing.

The family remains broken up about the deaths. They say the waiting is wearing on them as they wait for answers.

"The memories are still there. The feelings are still there that you'd still like to see them," says Russell's mother Kay Simmons. She refuses to forget her son and his wife. "Of course, there's the beautiful bride and she was a beautiful girl."

Simmons lives on the same property the Porters lived before they went missing. She thinks of "Rusty" when she has auto troubles. He loved cars.

"So when my car breaks down, he's not there to fix it for me or tell me what to do."

Now, she's marking a year without her son. Volunteers blanketed the Ozarks with fliers when the couple vanished. Family and friends even posted pictures in other states.

"Until, you know, there's a negative, we always have hope," said Jessica Bullock, Rebecca Porter's daughter. "That's what we're going to believe that she will come home alive."

Loved ones hoped and prayed.

"We have now officially changed this case from a missing person's case to a homicide," said Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott in the days following the Porters' disappearance.

In July 2011, the Greene and Taney County sheriffs announced they found the Porters' bodies in rural Taney County. Then the Porters' home burned. Investigators say it was unintentional.

"Of course, when the house burned, this was my home," says Simmons. "This is where I was raised."

The front yard now serves as a reminder of what's missing.

"When you get slapped in the face with a thought and stuff you just, you just say a prayer," she says.

Simmons is remembering but also living her life as she and the family of the Porters hope and wait for justice.

Rebecca Porter's brother, Darrell Hufft, talked with KOLR/KOZL on the phone Monday. He said that side of the family is still mourning the death. He says some members are growing frustrated because there haven't been any arrests in the case.

Sheriff Arnott isn't saying much today. He plans to have someone from the office talk to media about this on another day.

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