Explosives Found in October, Nothing Linked to Terrorists

PULASKI COUNTY, Mo. - Recently, a national news outlet printed an article about Pulaski County and the possibility of terrorist activity.

In October, some explosives were discovered in a rural part of the county, but Sheriff Ron Long says there was nothing found that indicated the material was linked to terrorist activity.

Experts from the Army and Missouri Highway Patrol EOD Units were called in to examine the material found.

The FBI and ATF were then notified and briefed about the findings.

Longs says, all agencies did not feel like the explosives were linked to terrorist activity.

He says they cannot completely rule out the possibility of the materials intended use was for adverse purposes, and that it would be a remote possibility.

Long says, it is his personal policy as Sheriff to be transparent to the public and alert the public if their safety could be affected, but he and the agencies alerted felt there was no link to terrorists. 

Long says, to be assured if that would have been the case then his press release and subsequent news stories would have contained that information.

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