Emergency Operations Center Is Prepared To Keep Community Safe

Published 03/11 2014 05:21PM

Updated 03/12 2014 12:30PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The Springfield-Greene County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) hosted a workshop today (3/11) to ensure staff is prepared in the event of an emergency.  Dale Moore, Public Information Officer with the EOC, says the workshop enables them to make sure the required software is working, and that staff knows the proper procedures.  

Moore says this meeting assures community members that they can feel safe in the event of an emergency, knowing that skilled emergency personnel are prepared to deal with the situation.  He says our community is fortunate to have this superior facility, as the Springfield-Greene County EOC sets an example from which other EOCs across the nation are modeled after.

The many groups that come together in emergency situations all gathered at the EOC for today's workshop.  These groups include emergency personnel (firefighters, law enforcement, etc.), public safety workers, human services workers (organizations such as Red Cross), infrastructure  workers (such as road crews), city and government officials, and policy makers. 

The EOC becomes active in the event of emergencies such as flooding, tornados, chemical releases, terrorist attacks, and other natural disasters.  Upon activation, a text message is sent immediately to those required to report to the EOC.  Moore says the staff members are fully ready to respond to the emergency within  two hours.

The media is also instantly notified, which allows the word to get out to the public in a timely manner. 

The Control Information Center (CIC) processes external information to increase the situational awareness in emergency situations.  This includes sources such as news media feeds, traffic scanners, radars, etc.  Responders are also set out to the scenet to set up posts and feed information back to the EOC.

Moore tells us there are proceedures in place, and a staff hierarchy.  However, the plan is fluid and flexible, as every emergency situation is unique.

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