Effects of Ice and Snow on Christmas Trees

By Brett Martin | bmartin@kolr10.com

Published 12/10 2013 05:06AM

Updated 12/10 2013 07:20AM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Winter weather like we're seeing can wreck our roads and take a toll on our pipes, pets and plants but apparently snow is good for Christmas trees waiting to be sold.

The National Christmas Tree Association says an estimated 24 and a half million trees were sold in the U.S. last year and many are sold from states in the far north like Oregon and Wisconsin where they are used the snow.. but once they're cut down its a different story.

A Christmas favorite and for many a family tradition is picking out a Christmas tree but with the recent winter storm that could cause a headache when finding the perfect evergreen.

Becky Nicholas with Wickman's Garden Village in Springfield says the only thing the recent winter storm does is make you bundle up when you go to pick it out.

"The snow has been good on them here because its like a blanket all of our plants outside are smiling because they have a nice, white blanket over them," says Nicholas.

She says their trees aren't affected by the subfreezing temperatures but they way you treat it may change.

"It keeps it cold and fresh. If it would've been hot and dry, we would've been out there watering them so this is good for the cut Christmas trees."

Depending on the tree of choice, that can determine if it can be left outside or not.

"A lot of people want a living tree so they can plant it after the holiday but you can only keep it inside for ten days because of the heat."

Nicholas says Wickman's will cover their trees to keep the snow off but its actually better for them.

"If you see a bunch of needles falling then you don't want that but these are still fresh and there's still a little bit of snow on them," explains Nicholas.

After Christmas, she says when planting the living trees you can use the snow to your advantage.

"If you acclimate it outside, what you want to do is make sure that you throw snow over the ball, if you can't get it in the ground and some mulch."

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