Volunteers Help Teachers Move to New Joplin High School

Published 08/19 2014 05:33PM

Updated 08/19 2014 05:55PM

JOPLIN, MO.--- "At the end of school last year, they were able to pack up their classrooms, label the boxes, and then put them in some of these staged areas so then they would know which all they were going to be in at the new school," said Dale Peterson, JHS Volunteer Coordinator.

There's many reasons why volunteers are helping out this entire week.

"Our teachers are currently in some trainings that they have to go through prior to the start of the school year, and this evening they'll start coming in and unpacking boxes," said Dr. C.J. Huff, Joplin Schools Superintendent.

Plus, teachers didn't have a way to load up their entire classroom at the end of last year. Before now, there wasn't a place to put their classroom supplies.

"Until Friday, we didn't have any place for them to store it or take it. And so we had to store it here until the new building was ready," said Peterson.

School administrators say there's huge value in the encouragement this brings to all the Joplin school staff and students.

"Everyday we get closer to the finish line, I think people get excited and i think they can start to sense this is a real possibility. And certainly on behalf the kids, they're excited about getting in their new school and getting our 9th -12th graders back again is a real important event for all of us," said Dr. Huff.

Once teachers start unloading their supplies, more volunteers will be needed to help set up classrooms. Joplin's first day of classes start next Monday.

(courtesy KODE, Joplin)

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