Paying it Forward - Thanking Teachers

Published 02/28 2014 09:11AM

Updated 02/28 2014 09:18AM

NIXA, Mo. -- It's Pay It Forward Friday!  Usually, we'll buy strangers gas or groceries, but this week, we're switching it up.    

We're paying it forward differently this week. We're at schools in Nixa, and surprising three teachers who have no idea we're here. 

At High Pointe Elementary - Angel Lapaglia

"Are you Mrs. Lapaglia? Hi, I'm Rob Evans from KOLR10. We're paying it forward to teachers this week. No one deserves it mor than teachers!  Do you like massages? Here's a 60 minute massage from Massage Envy. Here's a 90 minute spa pedicure and manicure. And here's a bowling gift card, once you're done pampering yourself go have fun with your family!"
"Wow, thank you so much! I have great kids, and love my job," says Lapaglia.
Rob - "Do you know how much you change these kids' lives?"
"I think they change mine just as much," Lapaglia says.
"She is a great teacher and lets us play games sometimes," says Deacon, one of Mrs. Lapaglia's students.
"Thank you so much, you definitely shocked me," says Mrs. Lapaglia.

At Nixa High School:   Michelle Wityk

"Are you Mrs. Wityk, the science teacher? Hi, I'm Rob Evans from the KOLR10 morning show. We're paying it forward to teachers, buying them massages and pedicures and manicures and treating them to some fun things. Is that okay?"
Rob: "Here you go, take this, a one hour massage from Massage Envy, and I'm not done. Here's another one, and finally hit the bowling alley! You like massages? What woman doesn't?
Do you realize how much you mean for these students? I hope so."
"She's a great teacher and would do anything for us, anything we need to be a success," says Austin Schweke, one of her students.
"Is this real? Am I being punked?" Mrs. Wityk jokes.  "I just do what I can to make sure the kids are able to do what they want to achieve."

At Nixa Intermediate:  Lori Munhollon

"Hi, are you Mrs. Munhollon? Hi, I'm Rob Evans from KOLR10's morning show. I know I'm in the middle of your class, but we're paying it forward this morning. Is it okay if we pay it forward to you?"
Rob: "Do you like massages?"
Yes! Right up my alley!
Rob:  "Here's a one hour massage to Massage Envy. And I'm not done. Here's a 90 minute mani/pedi. And here's a bowling gift card, take the family out and have some fun!"
"Wow! This is amazing. "
Rob: "Do you know how much you mean?
"I try. I really try.  This helps. That's the most exciting part is getting the massage!"
Rob:  "Do you have any students you can tell, just by looking at them, this is doing something for them?"
"Yes.  You see the daily impact that you can make on these students lives.  And they can feel your heart.  I've been very blessed to make some very great connections."
Alexa is one of Mrs. Munhollon's 8th grade students; "She's a great person and she's a great science teacher and she deserves it."
Rob: "Does this make the day a little better for you?"
"It makes the day a lot better.  Thank you, this has been a wearing week!"

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