Goodbye GED Test, Hello Hi-SET

Published 10/16 2013 06:35PM

Updated 10/16 2013 07:40PM

HOLLISTER, Mo. -- Missouri schools and career centers are switching to a new testing system for high school equivalency in light of rising cost and increased technology demands.

The state is replacing the age-old GED test with one called the High School Equivalency Test, or Hi-Set. Six other states nationwide are switching away from the GED test as well.

Recently, the company that writes and administers the GED test announced plans to create a for-profit organization to develop a new computer-based high school equivalency test to replace the current GED test in January 2014. Shortly after the announcement, the company revealed that it would more than double the price of its new test.

The GED currently costs $40 to take in Missouri, the new GED could cost more than $120. The Hi-SET will cost $95.

Brian Smith, a Hollister resident who was home schooled, began taking classes to prepare for the Hi-SET earlier in the fall.

"I never had much of an interest in school at that time," he said. "But now that I'm learning as fast as I am here, I'm really starting to like it a lot."

Smith said he and the other students in his class enjoyed taking a second chance to open new doors for their career or educational goals.

"You look in there, there's different lifestyles and all age groups. And all of them are getting the education I think they need."

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