Eden Village Months Away from Opening: Waiting on Funding

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.--Nearly a year since it was revealed that Eden Village would be a place to house the city's homeless, those in need are itching to move in.

The tiny home community in Springfield will consist of 30 tiny homes for the disabled homeless population. 

The goal is for it to open by next summer. There's already plenty of homeless people ready to move in now, but founders David and Linda Brown say there's still lots of work to be done.

If home is where the heart is, then about 700 displaced Springfieldians are looking for that comfort.

"These people have to go to a hidden tent somewhere in the woods that's cold, wet and we go home in a safe warm place," says Eden Village Co-Founder, Linda Brown.

And that's how the $2.3 million Eden Village tiny home project started for founders David and Linda Brown.

"We're paying a little under $32,000 to have them built and brought here," says David Brown.

Manufactured in Texas, the Browns are waiting for additional funding before adding 27 more tiny homes to the three already in place.

"We've stopped building. We're going to wait until the first of the year now for two reasons. One we're kind of waiting on this one grant and the second because we can't probably open until next summer. I don't want a bunch of houses sitting here empty," says David Brown. 

Another thing that has to happen before Eden Village is up and running is the construction of a community center. The community center will be used to house around the clock staff and security.

"They can come and go all they want, but they are actually prey to a lot of people so the community center is key, it's where everybody checks in and out," says David Brown.

"There's several that have really expressed interest that they would love to be out here, I mean who wouldn't," says Linda Brown. 

But the Browns are in no hurry to meet the high demand.

"We talked to some other centers around the country that are doing this similar project and those that are up and running. There have been a couple that opened up too early and that's a mistake. You got to make your project, you got to have it done and ready to go and then you can start moving people in and it works better that way," says Brown. 

The Browns have raised $900,000 in donations and pledges. 

They'll find out by December if they'll receive two grants totaling a little more than $1 million.

If you'd like to donate money, you can click https://www.gatheringtree.org/

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