Doritos Roulette

Published 07/18 2014 04:56PM

Updated 07/18 2014 04:59PM

Item: The gamification of food has officially entered a new stage! Doritos has released a bag of chips as a “roulette” version of its normal product. The product has a few incredibly hot chips in each bag that are camouflaged to look exactly like the normal flavor. The response has been so great that the brand has been overrun with submissions to its #BurnSelfies gallery and with videos of people playing the spicy, edible version of its Russian namesake. Are you ready to play the odds?

Why it Matters: It’s hard to think that a bag of chips can force us to slow down and “pause” for a moment—but that’s exactly what’s happening. People are looking for ways to break up their schedules and add a bit of spontaneity to their day, and brands are beginning to leverage clever mini-games and services that do just that. At the same time, they get talked about on social media, thus magnifying their promotions and letting their consumers do their marketing.

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