Dogs End Porch Mail Service For Springfield Neighborhood

By Linda Ong |

Published 07/02 2014 06:17PM

Updated 07/02 2014 06:42PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Dog bites throughout the Midwest are increasing.

Cox South Hospital has recorded 61 dog bites, eight of which required hospital admission. This is a 13-percent increase from its average.

Dog attacks can happen to anyone, and for one Springfield neighborhood, the threat has become too much for mail service carriers to handle.

It's a sight in her neighborhood that brings fear to 80-year-old Mary Connors.

"Huge dogs running loose," said Connors. "It's scary."

But it's not just Connors-- it's also her neighbors. Katie Besgrove says she was once bitten by one of the dogs.

"Dog got me on the ankle as I was getting in the house," said Besgrove. "So I was terrified for my son's sake."

This fear has extended to the mail carrier who delivers porchside to each house. Connors went to the post office when she realized she wasn't receiving mail.

"Talked to the man over there-- 'No you are not going to get mail delivery because of the dogs creating a threat to the safety of the mailman,'" said Connors.

June 27th was the last day that the residents on this block received porch mail service. They then received a letter notifying that they had 15 days to consider two options-- they can either install a curbside mailbox or rent a post office box.

"It's a great deal of hassle and there are some of us that are not capable of getting a mailbox and putting it up," said Connors.

Janet Buck agrees.

"It's just an added expense of having to go to the post office and pick up my mail," said Buck.

Connors hopes the owners of the dogs will take responsibility of their pets so she can get her mail delivered again.

"I've always, my mail man, we chatted when they came by. They knew me," she said.

The United States Postal Service reported 14 dog attacks on mail carriers in Springfield in 2013.

Connors and her neighbors have until July 12th to decide on the two options.

In the meantime, they have to drive to the Glenstone USPS office to pick up their mail.

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