Divorce Parties On the Rise

Published 05/31 2014 02:28PM

Updated 05/31 2014 02:30PM

Item: Divorce is at an unparalleled high, and, as such, has lost much of his societal stigma as “failure” or “wrong.” It has moved out of the realm of doom and gloom and has begun to take on a more positive spin. These parties are a direct extension of that—creating an atmosphere of light-heartedness, optimism and amicability where before it was all lawyers, dread and pain.

Why it Matters: Before, this end of a life together was seen as just that: an ending.  Now people are seeing it as a rebirth of themselves; even, a chance to get it right. With culture as a whole putting more emphasis on uplifting and aspirational content, and the big resurgence in philanthropy with younger generations, things that were traditionally heralded as negative or bad have the chance to evolve into something more accepted.

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