Debate on Teaching Coding To Children in School Arises

Published 06/06 2014 07:55PM

Updated 06/11 2014 12:40PM

Remember typing? Typing class eventually gave way to keyboarding, which gave way to keyboarding and computer classes. After that we saw the inclusion of laptops as teaching tools, and then eReaders and Tablets. Coding and programming are the next progressions of acceptance and utilization of technology within the classroom.

As schools figure out ways to cope with a falling education standard and poorly designed standardized testing, conversations have begun on how to elevate school systems into the next new age of technological integration. We already have programs for tablets and laptops for students—kids just entering preschools have been shown knowing how to swipe a screen to unlock it, but barely know what to do with building blocks. Teaching coding and programming as a foundation class is not just modernizing a curriculum, but preparing students for the reality that technology now touches everything around us.

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