County Offices Moving Out of Unsafe Building

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Several county offices are relocating due to high costs of a deteriorating building and county officials say it will help them save money.

The County Commission, the Public Administrator's Office, and the Juvenile's Office Youth Academy will have new locations in just a few months.

The Hogan Building currently houses the PA's office and the Youth Academy at the corner of  Booneville and Central. 

"It is in disrepair," said Trysta Herzog, director of communications for Greene County. "Right now, we are considering demolishing this building."

Herzog says it doesn't suit the needs of the PA's office and its clients.

"We have very narrow hallways which is difficult for their clients who are often disabled, or are in a wheelchair," said Herzog.

The Health Department deemed the building unsafe more than 20 years ago. Herzog says maintaining and keeping the building up to code has cost the county just shy of  $100,000 every year.

Due to the financial burden and the building's mold and safety issues, the offices currently housed there will be moving out.

The Youth Academy will move into the current County Commission building. The commissioners will then move out of there and into the 10th floor of the Cox Medical Tower, where the Public Administrator's  office will also be moving to.

A 6-year lease will cost just $100,178 a year, including utilities, maintenance and cleaning costs.

The commission said it would cost $615,000 to repair the Hogan building. After the move, the plan is to demolish it.

"We've considered that for years," said Herzog. 

The next step would be to either turn the space into a parking lot or potentially part of a much-needed jail expansion.

"We don't have a timeline yet, it will depend on a lot money," Herzog said.

And that money will depend on the taxpayers.

"We are anticipating we put a tax on the ballot in November and depending on what the public chooses to do then those decisions will be made," Herzog said. 

The county commission decides if a new sales tax will be put on the ballot on Monday.

The offices are expected to be moved into the new locations by November. 

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