Counterfeit Money Found in Lebanon

By Lindsay Clein , Chris Eidson

Published 08/13 2014 09:26PM

Updated 08/13 2014 10:12PM

LEBANON, Mo. --  Lebanon Police want to track down where counterfeit money came from.

Two $100 counterfeit bills were found in Lebanon Monday morning-- one at the Lazy Lee's Convenience Store, the other at Smitty's Grocery Store.

As police try to find out where the bills came from, they also wonder if more are out there.

"The first one that went through we really didn't think much about it," says Detective Sergeant Tim Early with the Lebanon Police Department.  "But when the second one went through, we thought, we need to alert the city-- we may have a problem."

It wasn't the usual Monday morning for Lazy Lee's One Stop Manager Selina Miller.  In fact, it's something quite unusual to be taking place in Lebanon.

"I knew right away it was fake," says Lazy Lee's Manager Selina Miller.

Miller says an older gentleman walked into her store Monday-- saying his friend sent him inside to get change for a $100 bill-- but something about the bill didn't look right.

"I looked down and saw that it was purple," says Miller.  "I got out the counterfeit pen -- marked it-- and it turned jet black."

About a mile away, another fake $100 bill was found at Smitty's Grocery Store.

"Both $100 bills were not the right size, they were not the right color," says Early.  "They also had the same serial number on both-- so whoever made one-- made both of them."

Different men passed the bills and told police they don't know each other.

"Both say they got them from a different bank in town-- so we're looking into it a little bit further, of course," says Early.  "Whoever made them didn't make them very well-- they're very noticeable."

Police fear there could be more out there.

"We've only gotten two in so far since Monday," says Early.  "But I think we'll probably get a few more."

Until then, investigators are tracking down leads and are hoping to put an end to the crime.

"We need to put a stop to it," says Early.

The Secret Service is assisting Lebanon Police with the investigation.

The crime is a felony.

Police say they're pulling video from banks to see if the stories add up.

Police say if you see any counterfeit bills, to notify them immediately.

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