Council Passes Beekeeping Ordinance - with Limits

By KOLR10 News

Published 07/22 2014 04:50AM

Updated 07/22 2014 04:52AM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- You can now keep bees in urban areas of Springfield.  The City Council passed the ordinance Monday night.

According to the ordinance, residents can keep two honeybee hives on a five-thousand square foot lot, but they have to be in a fenced enclosure.
The ordinance lists the following requirements and limits on urban beekeeping: 

Beekeeping (domestic honey bees, ApisMellifera) as an accessory use in any district provided:

a. No more than two (2) hives, with only one (1) colony in each hive, are allowed on lots of five thousand (5,000) square feet or larger.
One (1) additional hive is permitted on each additional five thousand (5,000) square feet.

b.  Hives shall only be located in the rear yard. Hives shall be located at least five (5) feet from all property lines.

c. Hives shall be located within a fenced enclosure. Said fence shall be at least forty-two (42) inches high.

d. Hives that are located within twenty (20) feet of a property line shall be screened at the property line by a six (6) foot solid
fence, wall or other barrier, which may be vegetative. The screen shall extend at least twenty (20) feet in both directions from the point on the
property line, or lines, where the hive is the closest to the property line. Vegetative screening shall be planted or maintained so as to
form a continuous, unbroken, solid screen prior to the establishment of the hive.

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