Convoy of Hope Helps Heal the Philippines

Published 11/22 2013 07:30PM

Updated 11/22 2013 07:49PM

MALAPASCUA ISLAND, Philippines -- Springfield charitable organization Convoy of Hope is working in the Philippines distributing millions of meals to help Typhoon Haiyan survivors.

Those meals will cross oceans once they leave the Springfield warehouse.

KORL10 worked with Convoy of Hope to show you some of their work on the ground.

For desperate survivors, the arrival of Convoy of Hope was a welcome sight.

Convoy of Hope's work in the Philippines is focused on both food and clean water. Standing in front of fishing village devastated by the typhoon Convoy spokesperson Jeff Nene explains the happenings on an island during the recovery efforts.

"Right now I'm on the island of Malapascua and it's an island off the tip of Cebu Island,” says Nene. “This is one of the first places Convoy of Hope came to start distributing food. In fact, we were the first group to arrive bringing aid to this island and the guys were telling me they got all choked up because as they came in the people started clapping for them. They were so excited to get food."

Nene says every family on the island of Malapascua was affected.

"This village that we are in today is a fishing village and one of the gentlemen here in town that's working as a partner with us on distribution was telling us today that in this fishing village 96 percent of the boats were destroyed,” says Nene. “So you can imagine the impact that has on the economy, the families, the ability of these men to feed their families."

Along with these water filtration systems, Nene says Convoy of Hope is working to deliver millions of meals.

"So far we've been able to distribute over half a million meals,” says Nene. “500,000 meals all throughout the Philippines in several different impacted areas. We've earmarked about 3 million meals that we want to be able to get to this country quickly. Most of those are already on boats or in our warehouse ready to make their way in shipping containers and be shipped across the ocean to get here as soon as possible."

With help from political satirist and comedian Stephen Colbert, the charity raised more than $100,000 in just 16 hours by late afternoon Friday, Nov. 15.

Now, with reruns and another plug from Colbert on his show, the charity has raised more than $286,000 and that’s still growing.

Colbert had Convoy create a special text code and graphic so he could track which donations were coming from the Colbert Nation.

To donate, you can text either the word "convoy" or the word "colbert" to 5-0-5-5-5. But, remember to pick convoy or Colbert, not both.

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