Community Comes Together to Remove Graffiti

By Linda Ong |

Published 04/26 2014 10:34PM

Updated 04/26 2014 10:38PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Springfield residents will not be seeing as much graffiti throughout the city. Volunteers from several agencies and organizations came together today to remove vandalism on homes and local businesses.

Armed with wet paint and brushes, teens like Taiauna Morris from the Boys and Girls Club set out to make a difference.

"We're covering up the graffiti," Morris said.

Erica Manahan from the Community Partnership of The Ozarks said this type of vandalism is prevalent in Springfield.

"We're seeing that it's a pretty big problem," said Manahan. "Anyone who drives around Springfield and looks for graffiti, you'll find it in a lot of places."

Headed by the Community Partnership of The Ozarks, volunteers from several agencies and organizations came together to remove vandalism on homes and local businesses. Graffiti was removed from a total of 11 different homes and local businesses in the area.

Teens like Carrie Cooper said the experience of helping to clean up the aesthetics of the community is a special experience.

"Not a lot of kids think that this is important but it really is because it's an impact on the city," Cooper said.

Local businesses, like Midwest Dustless Blasting, donated their time and resources to help with the effort.

"We'll clean graffiti, but also feather it out so it doesn't look like we just cleaned graffiti," said Quinn Martin, Co-Owner of Midwest Dustless Blasting.

It's a 45-minute job for Martin, but one that he feels strongly about.

"It's just not pleasant to look at," he said. "If I have an opportunity and a machine that can do this, I will."

Graffiti off of the side of Springfield Leather Company on Glenstone Ave. is one of the sites of the removal. Rusty Darnell, Operations Manager at Springfield Leather Company, said the vandalism to the store's brick wall serves no purpose.

"Other than just an eyesore, I don't know what it was," Darnell said.

Seeing graffiti frustrates Darnell, but programs like this give him hope.

"It makes me feel like we live in a pretty good community and a community that really doesn't want to look at this and a community that is trying to just bring the life back to this area," said Darnell.

The removal is done free of charge and another event will be scheduled once the Community Partnership of The Ozarks gets enough requests.

If residents or business owners would like to sing up to have graffiti removed from their property, they sign up at or call 417-888-2020.

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