Colbert Bump Helps Raise Over $100,000 for Convoy of Hope

Published 11/15 2013 08:19PM

Updated 11/15 2013 08:27PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A famous TV show host encourages his fans to support Springfield’s Convoy of Hope.

Convoy of Hope has a massive project underway, helping typhoon victims in the Philippines.

It started for Stephen Colbert when he learned the nation of China had only donated $100,000 so far to the Philippines typhoon relief effort.

Colbert believed his Colbert Nation could do better and, by late afternoon Nov. 15, he was right.

Thursday, the people of Convoy of Hope were busy filling trucks rerouting food to the Philippines.

Response teams are still working to figure how to make their obligations to feed the hungry around the world and in the Philippines along with typhoon relief when they got an interesting phone call.

"We got a call from a producer at the Stephen Colbert show and they said they wanted to do our texting campaign at Convoy of Hope," says Jeff Nene with Convoy of Hope.

A shout out from Stephen Colbert, the famous Colbert bump means a national spotlight for the recipient and a flood of support.

"Nation, let's do it!” says Colbert during his show. “Let's out donate China!"

Convoy’s team rushed to personalize the text campaign and graphic at Colbert's request.

"To donate $10 to Convoy of Hope’s typhoon relief efforts text COLBERT to 50555,” says Colbert. “Your donation will help bring clean water and food to the victims of Typhoon Hyain. Let's kick China's (beep) at being compassionate."

“He wanted to be able to track how many texts came in,” says Nene. “How much money we were able to raise from his show."

By mid-day tens of thousand of dollars had already been raised.

Convoy has worked in the Philippines for years.

“We have a feeding program there where were feed about 20 thousand children every school day,” says Nene. “So we had plenty of food. In fact, we already had half a million meals in our Philippine warehouse. So our team there on the ground was able to start immediately."

Nene says millions of meals, costing about 30 cents a piece are already in route to the Philippines.

The challenge is feed the 20 thousand children they already feed daily while helping the victims of this disaster.

“That translates to a lot more work for the staff, but it also translates into needing a lot of financial response,” says Nene.  “We need a lot of donations to be able to supplement that increase."

That's where the Colbert Nation comes in hitting one $100,000 and topping China's donation by late afternoon Friday.

Usually if you contribute to Convoy you text "CONVOY" to 50555.

But, Stephen Colbert wanted to keep track of the Colbert Nation’s efforts to beat out China, so Convoy created a special "Colbert" text and this graphic when they were contacted by producers yesterday.

As of the morning of Nov. 15 $65,000 was raised, but around 3 p.m. that afternoon the Colbert Nation topped $100,000.

Colbert has one message for America:

"Get donating nation."

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