Clinics Hold Posh Egg Freezing Parties

NEW YORK -- Some clinics across the country are holding posh parties for a decades-old fertility technique: egg freezing.

These women have gathered in an upscale Beverly Hills hotel, sipping free cocktails while learning how to freeze their eggs or embryos.

These egg freezing parties target women in their early to mid-30s when egg quality is ideal, giving women a better chance of getting pregnant later on.
"As women get older, above the age of 30, it becomes harder to become pregnant. In the mid to late 30s, it's even harder," Dr. Lina Akopians, a fertility physician, said. "We have had a five-fold increase in the number of patients across the US that come in to do egg-freezing for elective reasons."

The women say the environment is more welcoming than a cold, sterile environment.

 Egg freezing costs around $7,000-10,000 and hundreds more to store the eggs or embryos.

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